DotPH quietly seeks talks

SEPT. 6, 2004 (MT) – DOTPH, the administrator of the PH domain, seems intent on talking its way out of impending restrictions on its operations, TechTimes learned.

In an e-mail sent to members of an advisory panel that approved the guidelines, DotPH representatives said they “are in the process of establishing a dialogue between interested stakeholders and DotPH.”

“We have done this in the interest of arriving at an amicable resolution of the issues regarding the administration of the PH domain,” the e-mail, signed by DotPH corporate communications director Emil Avanceña, said.

The e-mail was sent to at least three members of the Advisory Board, which helped the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) draft the guidelines. A copy of the e-mail was posted Friday on the PH-Cyberview mailing list.

The government last month issued reform guidelines that would make DotPH choose between remaining the administrator—which manages the registry or database of Internet names and addresses—or a registrar, which sells domain names. It currently does both.

The guidelines were the result of months of consultations between NTC officials, members of an NTC Advisory Board and various Internet stakeholders. DotPH did not participate in two public hearings on the guidelines, and merely sent a representative who videotaped the proceedings.

The company has also criticized the guidelines on its website.

Over these objections, the NTC last month released the implementing rules and guidelines on the administration of the PH country code top level domain (ccTLD).

Commission on Information and Communications Technology Chair Virgilio Peña, a member of technical working committee tasked to review the implementing rules and regulations, said DotPH would have no choice but to comply.

If it doesn’t abide by the guidelines, Peña added, the next step would be for the government to ask the Internet Corp. of Assigned Names and Numbers (Icann) to delegate a new administrator, a process called redelegation.

DotPH’s e-mail, sent to individual members of the NTC Advisory Board, seemed to be a backchannel attempt to change the guidelines after they had already been approved and published.

“As an initial step, we have contacted the members of the NTC Advisory Board and have proposed to meet with them individually in order to hear their views on this complex issue. Afterwards, we intend to negotiate with the AdBoard and other interested stakeholders more formally,” the letter said.

The DotPH e-mail also said Avanceña had talked with Virgilio Peña saying such talks could be “productive.”

The same letter, however, sought to assure individual AdBoard members that DotPH did not intend to delay the issuance of the guidelines, but hinted at legal action if these were pushed through.

“We hope to avoid a protracted legal confrontation that may bring no relief to either side. We are earnest in our desire to work out all issues with the AdBoard and stakeholders through negotiation rather than litigation,” the letter said.

– From the Manila Times

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